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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we’re big believers in the sustainable gardening and making sure that we always give something back to the Earth. We also want to encourage more people to get into gardening and discover the sense of joy and pride that it brings. So whenever we can, we give back to local gardeners with special promotions that focus on the things you most need for your garden in each season.

Hello sunshine! Spring has sprung, and we’re letting ourselves get just a little excited about the new season. After a few months of relatively little activity in the garden, we can’t wait to get out there and get our hands dirty again!

We’re sure that, like us, you’ve been impatiently counting down the days until Spring and now that it’s here, you’ll be raring to get outside and start on the tasks that ensure you’ll have a garden to be proud of in the weeks and months ahead.

We’ve lined up some tempting September specials to give you even more inspiration, so now you can indulge your favourite pastime and save some money in the process. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds to take advantage of these great discounts, and get expert advice from our inhouse team of gardeners. Whatever your plans for your garden this year, they’re always on hand to give you a helping hand.

Don’t forget that the best way to hear about all our September special offers and exciting Waterfall Wilds events, and to get great gardening tips to help you make the most of Spring is to download the Keith Kirsten mobile app. Click here to be kept completely up to date. 

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NOW 30% Off

We’ve got what you need for a gardening workout!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, we’re running a special offer on seasonal six-packs until the end of September.

It’s time to get gripped by gardening fever - each six-pack is just R25.

Plus, if you download the Keith Kirsten app (click here) you can get a one-off even lower price of just R21.00 per six-pack if you message us through the app using hashtag #IHEARTSPRING. 

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Great Deal

Invest in the future of your garden – for less!

Spring is all about seedlings – the tiny little shoots that will grow into the plants and flowers that will be delighting you come summer.

To do that, they need some TLC, and there’s nothing that tells your seedlings you love them more than giving them Talborne Seedling Food.

Taking care of tiny plants is now more affordable than ever – we’re taking 30% off the cost of this top-quality seedling food. From September 15th – 21st it will be just R23.00 per 1kg bag. 

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NOW 30% Off

Save on spring smellies!

As well as being beautiful, rosemary and lavender contribute wonderful aromas to your garden, and that’s not their only gift to gardeners.

Where would roast lamb be without a sprig of rosemary (which incidentally is water-wise, as well as mouthwatering) or have a braai using Rosemary stems as the skewers? Lavender attracts bees, and its dried flowers can be used to freshen up your linen cupboard.

From September 22nd – 28th, catch a whiff of a bargain at KK Waterfall Wilds with 30% off both plants.