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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we’re big believers in the sustainable gardening and making sure that we always give something back to the Earth. We also want to encourage more people to get into gardening and discover the sense of joy and pride that it brings. So whenever we can, we give back to local gardeners with special promotions that focus on the things you most need for your garden in each season.

November has only just begun and already we’ve had some decent rains here at Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, so we’re optimistic that last year’s Gauteng drought won’t be repeated (and we’re hoping that it’s not too late for Cape Town to receive some rain, too).

These first few showers have already brought the beginnings of a lovely green flush to the area, and we’re excited to see all the summer flowers emerging. As you might expect, we’ve got some great summer gardening offers, so be sure to visit us during November to take advantage of them.

Whether you’re looking to containerise your garden, or add some floral fireworks to your beds, we have a special that’s right up your garden path. We’re also repeating our discount on hanging bowls, so don’t hang around or you might miss out!

Come rain or shine, the outlook for saving money when you visit Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds is more than fine!

Don’t forget that you can keep up-to-date on all our November specials and not-to-be-missed Waterfall Wilds events by downloading the Keith Kirsten mobile app. You’ll also get handy hints to help your garden look its best right through summer. Click here to enjoy instant “appiness”.  

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NOW 30% Off

We can hardly contain our excitement…

Whether your garden is large or small, adding strategically located containers can save you space and add focal points of colour. With this “crate” promotion, we’re taking 30% off the regular cost of our wooden boxes, so you can containerise your garden.

From November 1st – 15th, we’re also taking 30% off 30dm3 Culterra potting soil and Efekto water-saving granules – everything you need for a garden in a box!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details Keith’s workshop on containerised gardens, happening at Waterfall Wilds on November 7th

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Great Deal

Buy one hanging bowl, and you’ll be hooked…

From November 1st – 15th, we’ll be repeating our extremely popular hanging bowls special.

Add a splash of colour to the outside of your house or garage, or liven up your patio with 30% off hanging bowls.

If you prefer to create your own, you might want to know that we’re also reducing the cost of our hanging bowl compound, and also taking 30% off all our begonias.

With hanging bowls in place, now you won’t have to face brick and nothing but brick every time you return home! 

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NOW 30% Off

Spend less and feather your nest…

Summer time is nesting time, and what better way to attract our feathered friends to your garden (think lovely early morning birdsong, and free organic pest control!) than by providing them with ideal, ready-made nesting opportunities.

From November 16th – 30th we’re taking 30% off the cost of nesting logs (ideal for small birds) and also suet balls, because raising a family is hungry work!

Check our Facebook page during the promotion for details of our garden birds giveaway and our Big Birding Day on November 25th.